Every 4 Months LA Fire Card is Giving Away Your Choice of a

New MacBook Air with Touch ID or $1,000 Cash to the Person with the Most Referrals!*

It's Easy to Win! Here's How:

  1. Refer Your Friends, Family, Co-Workers and Classmates to LA Fire Card to Take Our Fire Safety, CPR/BLS, ACLS Renewal, Heartsaver® First Aid, MAB or CPI Classes.

  2. Each Student You Refer Simply Enters Your Name and Phone Number Under the "Referred by?" Section of the Registration Form at the Time of Booking. Both Your Name and Phone Number MUST be Listed in Order to Qualify.

  3. Every 4 months LA Fire Card Will Tally Up the Referrals and Announce the Winners!

  4. The 3 People with the Most Referrals within the 4 Month Time Period Win!

  5. The Winners Will Be Contacted via Phone to be Notified that They Won! (Why having your number is so important.)

  6. Every 4 Months the  Winners Will Also be Announced Right Here on Our Website!

Top Winner Gets Choice of NEW MacBook Air with Touch ID

(valued at over $1300) or $1000 Cash!

2nd Runner Up Wins $500 Cash!


3rd Runner Up Wins $250 Cash!

Eligibility Periods:

Sept 1st - Dec 31st

Jan 1st - April 30th

May 1st - August 31st

Announcement Dates:

January 1st

May 1st

September 1st

Student enters your name and phone number here on the Class Registration form

Current Referral Standings

Eligibility Period: Jan 1st - Apr 30th for Announcement Date of May 1st               Updated as of 3/15/2020

To Our

Super Referral Winners!

January 1, 2020

1st Place Winner! $1,000!


2nd Place Winner! $500!

Julian H.

3rd Place Winner! $250!

Dana B.

-------------------------------- Previous Winners --------------------------------

July 1, 2019

1st Place Winner! $1,000!

Shawn T.

2nd Place Winners! $500!

Gretchen A. R.


3rd Place Winner! $250!

Miles B.

April 1, 2019

1st Place Winner! $1,000!

Arthur M. J.

2nd Place Winner! $500!

Katherine R.

3rd Place Winner! $250!

Melissa C.

MacBook Air Details:

13-Inch MacBook Air

Touch ID
1.6GHz Dual-Core Processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
128GB Storage

Tax Included

In the event there is more than 1 top winner, prize defaults to cash prize

Cash Prize Details:

1st Winner Receives $1000

2nd Runner Up Receives $500

3rd Runner Up Receives $250

Winners receive winnings via paper check from LA Fire Card

In the event of a tie between any of the tiers, winnings will be split equally

*Terms and Conditions: The Super Referral Program (SRP) by LA Fire Card is 100% voluntary and “at will”; meaning participants may “opt out” or discontinue their participation in the program at any time for any reason (short meaning: you do not have to participate in the SRP). If a person chooses to be a participant in the SRP, they agree to all of the following: LA Fire Card my edit, change, update, place on hold, discontinue or cancel the SRP at any time without notice (written, via website, social media or otherwise); LA Fire Card may edit, change or update, or cancel any and all parts of the program including eligibility periods, announcement dates, prizes or prize amounts at any time without notice (written, via website, social media or otherwise). The SRP is an incentive program to reward people for their referrals, but can be changed or cancelled at anytime without notice at the discretion of LA Fire Card. Participants or perspective participants whom are found to be at anytime hostile, argumentative or threatening toward LA Fire Card staff, employees or students in any way will immediately be banned from LA Fire Card (this includes attending classes, receiving referral gift cards), their referrals removed from the SRP, forfeit their eligibility for the SRP and will not receive prizes cash or otherwise. Participants explicitly understand and agree that the SRP is a voluntary incentive program that they are not required to participate in and waive the right to a lawyer, lawsuit, mediation and arbitration regarding the SRP and the SRP terms and conditions. Eligibility is based on the date the class registration is booked, paid for and referring person and their phone number is listed on the registration form. LA Fire Card reserves the right to change prizes, prize amounts, conditions, rules and regulations or discontinue the program without notice at any time. LA Fire Card will attempt to contact the winners for 7 days from the date of the drawing via phone. Referrals missing either the phone number or the name do not count; the referral must have both the correct name and phone number. Referrals with slightly misspelled names will be counted as long as the phone number is listed. If the winner cannot be reached within the 7 day time frame, the winnings are forfeited and returned to the "pot" on the 8th day. Once the Eligibility Period ends, an audit will take place to verify all referrals made during the time frame to check for accuracy. The audit may take up to 7 days for completion. Prizes (MacBook Air and cash) will be delivered to/available for pickup by the winners within 14 days from the announcement date. Employees of LA Fire Card are excluded from winning referral prizes. Cash prizes are provided in USD via check. By accepting the prize, you agree to sign a release waiver and have your name and/or image featured on LA Fire Card’s website, emails, print materials, social media sites, etc. at the company’s discretion indefinitely. Winners agree to cash or deposit their check within 3 business days of receipt. For checks that are not cashed/deposited within 3 business days of receipt, a stop payment will be issued on the 5th business day after receipt and the winner automatically forfeits their winnings. Students may not refer themselves. Participants may only win 1 prize per drawing.  If there is no 2nd or 3rd runner up, top winner wins top prize only. In the event of a tie, the prize will default to the cash prize amount and be split evenly among the winners of that tier. Class must be paid for in full to count as a referral. Winners assume responsibility for paying any required taxes on prizes. To allow everyone the chance to win, a person may win a prize a total of three times in 1 calendar year. Winners will also receive a $20 VISA Gift Card for each booked referral as well! As always we accept unlimited referrals! This program effective as of 1/30/19.

Classes are located in DTLA

1200 Santee Street

Suite 1120

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Call or Text

T: 323-327-6353

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