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Get $20 or $30 for EACH student you refer! 💰

Earning cash for your referrals is easy as... 1, 2, 3!


  • Refer a student to LA Fire Card.


  • Have the student enter your FIRST and LAST NAME in the "Referred by" section of the Registration Form when they register for their class. 


  • LA Fire Card pays you $20 for your referral ($30 for any Heartsaver® First Aid, BLS, PALS or ACLS class)!


  • Students with the MOST referrals will WIN bonus cash!

  • $500 for 1st place 🥇

  • $250 for 2nd place 🥈

  • $150 for 3rd place 🥉

  • Bonuses are paid every 3 months on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st

  • Keep track of your referrals on the Super Referral Leaderboard below!

Read the fine print below...

  • The Super Referral Program can be canceled, discontinued, edited or altered without notice.

  • The referral must be for a NEW student (meaning the student has never taken a class with LA Fire Card before).

  • 1 referral = 1 new student registration. 

  • A previously enrolled student cannot qualify as a "new student registration".

  • The student must correctly enter your first and last name on the Registration Form at the time of booking (initials, incomplete names, nicknames, mistakes do not count). 

  • If a student forgets to submit the first and last name at the time of booking, the referral will not count.

  • Students cannot submit referrals by calling in, texting or emailing. 

  • Students cannot refer themselves. 

  • The Super Referral Program bonuses are reserved for previous students (peer-to-peer) or staffing agencies/recruiters. 

  • IMPORTANT: If it's a student making the referral, the student making the referral must have previously paid for at least one class. 

  • IMPORTANT: If it's a staffer or recruiter making the referral, the student must also the first and last name of the person AND the staffing agency company email for the referral to count. 

  • Groups of 3 students or more will be eligible for a group discount OR referral cash back. Referral earnings cannot be combined with any other discounts. 

  • If more than one person is listed as making the referral, only the FIRST person on the list will be credited. 

  • Earnings are paid via Venmo.

  • Earners must have a Venmo account to accept the earnings.

  • $20 and $30 earnings will be paid daily, during normal business hours. 

  • Super Referral Program officially starts 4/8/23. Program may be altered or canceled at anytime without notice.

  • Bonus winners of $500, $250 or $150 will be required to include a picture (matching their drivers license) to be featured on our website, advertisements, etc. and sign a Consent and Release for Use of Name and Likeness Form in order to receive winnings.

  • The Super Referral Program can be canceled, discontinued, edited or altered without notice.

Countdown to Announce the April 1st $500, $250 and $150 Super Referral Winners!

Check to see where you stand!


Current eligibility period 1/1/24 to 3/31/24. Winners announced on 4/1/24.  

Updated as of 3/3/24.

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Congratulations to Our Past Winners! 🎉

July 1, 2023

1st Place 🥇 - Vicky B. and Edgar B. each won $250

2nd Place 🥈- Zaliha L. and Lindsay F. each won $125

3rd Place 🥉- Emily E., Stephanie C. and Amy M. each won $50

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